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Increase Energy Savings with Aeroseal Duct Sealing in Ottawa

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Energy Savings

Faulty duct runs are notorious for letting out conditioned air that is supposed to cool or warm the different areas of your home. A duct leakage creates HVAC efficiency problems like poor temperature control and energy waste. It can even harm the indoor air quality by pulling in contaminants and unclean air from the unconditioned areas like the attic and crawlspaces.

Aeroseal duct sealing in Ottawa is a highly effective method for repairing damaged ducts and closing gaps and holes. Air Duct Seal Ottawa Inc. is an authorized Aeroseal partner and follows a well-defined process to treat leaks and gaps from the inside out. Our duct sealing can solve your HVAC airflow problems and result in significant energy savings for homeowners and improved indoor air quality in homes. If you notice signs of air leaks in your ductwork like cold spots on drywall and humming noises, call us for an inspection today.

Proven Aeroseal Technology And Formula

Air Duct Seal Ottawa Inc. follows the patented Aeroseal duct sealing process that takes only a few hours to ensure precise sealing. The process involves introducing Aeroseal sealing formula - a non-toxic, water-based solution - that swiftly sticks on to gaps and holes across all pathways as well as in vents and registers. 

We put the proven Aeroseal technology to use that easily connects with your existing HVAC system to distribute the sealing formula effectively. We also provide a certificate of completion and before and after results. Some noticeable outcomes of our service for homes include even temperatures in all areas, reduced odours and fumes, and improved indoor air quality.

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3 Easy Steps to a Home Better

Step 1: We Prepare for the Aeroseal Application

The first step in our Aeroseal process is to temporarily cover vents and registers to create pressure around leakages. We also block off the internal components of your HVAC unit to keep the sealant from entering into them through the ductwork. We also obtain before snapshots by connecting Aeroseal equipment with the ductwork to discover and ascertain pre-seal air leaks through system pressurization.

Step 2. We Close Leaks with Precision

The next step is to introduce the Aeroseal sealing formula into the air vents and the duct system. As we distribute the sealant, we continuously monitor the duct system’s performance and allow the customer to observe real-time improvements. Using an accurate quantity of Aeroseal sealant ensures that there is virtually no waste, and minimal cleanup is needed after the service. The sealing process can take 60 minutes to a couple hours. The duration depends on the amount of leakage in your duct system.

Step 3: You See and Feel the Difference

Air Duct Seal Ottawa Inc. ensures complete peace of mind with noticeable results and a certificate of completion. The certificate also accompanies key details like the before and after system leakage measurements and snapshots in print. Our sealing service offers years of comfort and peace to our customers and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Most importantly, our customers begin to feel the difference in their homes right away.

Check Out Our FAQs

Take advantage of our well-structured FAQs to get more information and answers to common duct sealing questions.

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