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Breathe Better with Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Ottawa

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Healthier Air

Since air ducts are connected to both your furnace system and AC system, the duct pipes need cleaning from time to time. It’s best to get them cleaned every 2-3 years or as recommended by your technician. However, if your vents look visibly dirty and you are experiencing issues like allergies or sneezing fits, it’s time to call air duct cleaning experts. 

At Air Duct Seal Ottawa Inc., we offer the best duct cleaning services in Ottawa and the surrounding region, ensuring that the customers’ unique needs are met. We carry the latest equipment and products in our arsenal of supplies, with which our trained technicians carry out a perfect job. Usually, duct cleaning is not required before duct sealing, but one can only be certain once the proper evaluation of the ducts has been carried out. Want to get your ducts checked by professionals? Contact us to schedule a visit.

Bringing Revolution to Air Duct Cleaning

We know the importance of technology, which reflects how we execute our cleaning job. Our team utilizes the most powerful Hypervac Revolution 220 volt model (rated at 5000 cfm). As the name suggests, it helps minimize the cfm waste as compared to a typical truck-mounted model. You can keep the door of your house closed while it eliminates the polluted air outside, resulting in clear air indoors. Moreover, the duct runs are shorter, allowing a stronger, more consistent flow of air via ductworks and better cleaning.

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Healthy Airflow

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